The Adventures of Abney and Teal is a fifty-two-episode BBC children's TV series produced by Ragdoll Productions Ltd. and directed by Joel Stewart.

The series narrates the experiences of Abney and Teal and their friends, living on a forgotten isle in the middle of an urban park. 

Entirely produced in 3D Autodesk Maya, the show emulates traditional stop-frame animation techniques as used for example in old classic animations such as 'The Hedgehog in the Fog' by Yuriy Norshteyn.

On the production of the animated series, I contributed to different aspects of production, such as the development of animatics and animation of multiple 2D and 3D characters.

After the animation production was complete, I worked as an illustrator for Walker Books on the publication of the series' books including flap, pop in slots, colouring-in, stickers, and picture books.

In the picture below, taken at the beginning of the project when we were setting up the production pipeline and finalising the characters, I was editing Abney's curled years using Photoshop.

2D images of Abney and Teal such as this one would be loaded and animated in 3D environments using Autodesk Maya.

Abney was the character I animated most throughout the production, acting as the reference point for other animators on maintaining style continuity.

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