'The Adventures of Abney and Teal' is a BBC animated children's TV series produced by Ragdoll Productions Ltd. and directed by Joel Stewart.
The fifty-two episodes tell simple stories of the inhabitants of a forgotten island in the middle of an urban park.
Entirely produced in 3D Maya the show emulates stop-frame animation techniques as used for example in old classic animations such as  'The Hedgehog in the Fog' by Yuriy Norshteyn.
On the production of the animated series, I had the pleasure of contributing to many aspects of production such as the development of animatics, characters, animation of multiple 2D and 3D characters in Maya.
After the animation of the fifty-two animated episodes was complete, I took on the opportunity to collaborate with Walker Books on the publication of the series' books. In this new role, I ghost-illustrated a wide range of types of books that include picture, flap, pop in slots, colouring and stickers.

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