Overall, my illustrations are driven by storytelling, characterized by careful attention to detail, and influenced by a blend of traditional and contemporary art styles.

When I approach an illustration, the first thing I consider is the story it tells. What is happening in this picture? What emotions do I want to convey? Then, I delve into the characters depicted. Who are they? What are they feeling? Additionally, I consider the setting of the story. The composition plays a crucial role as it brings all the elements together. The technique holds significant importance to me, and I draw inspiration from old masters like Roger Duvoisin, as well as more contemporary artists like Mark Boutavant. I deeply admire mid-century illustration, and I strive to capture its essence in my work. I particularly enjoy incorporating print blunders and happy mistakes, as they add character and charm to the illustrations. I find it fascinating when modern artists pay homage to the golden age of illustration while infusing their contemporary touch.