There has been in the recent months a sudden sharp apprehension and fear of the possibility of a near-permanent contamination of the natural environment. Researchers warn that plastic is already finding its way into the human food chain.
Behavior pattern
Harm to the environment comes also from small absent-minded actions. Is there a pattern of bad behaviors?
The end of the line?
We once used natural materials to build temples. Is or civilization now in peril?
Lost Paradise
Will paintings become a painful reminder that we once lived in a most beautiful place?
Autumn stroll
Beneficial daily walks. Published by Flow Magazine.
The waterlily pond with the Japanese bridge
Colour and mark-making experimental illustration based on Monet's masterpiece.
The Pirate and the Pig
A short story narrated illustrated through four pictures
Chip visits to the Moon
Phonics children's book
The Astonishing Adventures of a little Explorer
Development of an idea for a children's book
The Anniversary
A short illustrated story about two elephants on their anniversary.
The Little Cloud and the Blue Tiger
Development of a story about a tiger longing for friendship
Mock book-cover design: Grimm Brothers
Mock book-cover design: The Wizard of OZ
Book cover designs for The Wonderful Wizard of OZ
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