In 2009 I started contributing to the creation of the much loved BBC animated series “The Adventures of Abney and Teal”. I was one of the very first people to be hired on the show, and have worked on many aspects of production: Development of story boards and animatics. Photoshop designing and texturing of characters (pre-production). Blocking and animation testing (conceptual). Final animation of multiple 2D and 3D characters in Maya. Reference work for animation team (character continuity). I was able to work on daily tight deadlines, work as part of a team, to be constantly on the go, redoing and changing work, helping out whenever I could. When the production of the animated episodes finished I worked as a ghost illustrator on the adaptation of the TV show to books with publisher Walker Books. We published a wide range of books including picture, flap, pop in slots, colouring and stickers books. Collaborating with Walker Books has given me the opportunity to work on the adaptation of an animated series to print and to prove I can work across different creative fields: from animation for TV to illustration for book publishing.

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