About the BBC animated series

My contribution to the project

'The Adventures of Abney and Teal' is a BBC animated children's T.V. series produced by Ragdoll Productions Ltd. and directed by Joel Stewart. I was hired by Ragdoll in the year of 2009 and consequently contributed to many aspects of production such as:
Development of storyboards/animatics
Character development, blocking, and conceptual animation testing
Final animation of multiple 2D and 3D characters in Maya
Reference point for the animation team on character continuity

When production of the animations ended in 2012 I used my skills as an Illustrator to ghost illustrate the series' books. Through Walker Books I illustrated a wide range of titles that include picture, flap, pop in slots, colouring and stickers books.

Samples of animations and illustrations can be seen in the 'Animation' and 'Books' section.
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