Hello and thanks for taking time to visit my website.
I am a British-Italian Illustrator and Animator currently based in Milan, Italy.
I was born in Portsmouth (UK) and have lived in many places over the years, including Milan, Falmouth, Cardiff, Hailing Island, some small towns in the Midlands and London.
I have a degree in illustration from Falmouth College of Art and hold a deep passion for illustration, Art and design.
Over the length of my career I have applied my creative skills to a rather wide range of interesting projects that span from Illustration and animation to design for print and the web.
On this website you may find that I'm mostly showcasing a number of children's book illustrations and, my work on the BBC animated TV series 'The Adventures of Abney and Teal'.

If you would like to see more or, if you are considering hiring me please, feel free to drop me a line at: davidearnoneuk@gmail.com.
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