The Pirate and the Pig
Illustrated short story about true friendship and a treasure map. In the heat of a battle between pirates and forces loyal to the Empire, gunpowder is filling up the air, swords are clanging, pistols are being shot and sweat is drenching bandanas. Meanwhile, a lone pirate climbs down in the galley, the sound of fighting above on the ship's deck faints. The key turns and the cage is unlocked, the pig and the pirate are now at sea rocking on the lifeboat to the ripples of the two ships. "Got the map?" The pig asked the pirate.
The Anniversary
A short illustrated story about two elephants on their anniversary day. Otto the elephant suddenly remembers that today is his and Bella's anniversary.
Chip visits to the Moon
Children's book about a chicken on a mission to visit the moon.
The Astonishing Adventures of a Little Explorer
Children's book about a boy's experiences during a rainy day at home with his mum. Young readers will identify with the little explorer's energy and curiosity as he turns a sequence of ordinary moments into great adventurous journeys from morning to bedtime. Juxtaposed over colorful backgrounds, a black line illustrates the imaginative world of the main character. The boy's bedroom, the living room's sofa, the bath time etc., all become an excuse to have fun. It won't matter to him if he has to empty a drawer of its contents to find a treasure. Which mother hasn't had her chest of drawers emptied out? But which adult can't see that it was a great game for the child to play? However there are moments were a parent must also say No! Stop that! But how will the little explorer react to that? This book is geared toward three to five-year-olds.
The Wizard of OZ Book Cover Designs
Book cover designs for The Wonderful Wizard of OZ
The Little Cloud and the Blue Tiger
Selected images from a children's story I developed about a blue tiger and his friend the little cloud. Here posted are some roughs and a couple of final illustrations from a dummy book. Please get in touch if you are a publisher and would like to hear more about this project.
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